Trucking (Domestic & International)

Our asset-based fleet includes 53’ dry vans, flatbeds and specialty equipment consisting of 50+ power units and 100+ trailers. We provide long-haul, dedicated and local trucking services all over North America.

Logistics (Domestic & International)

Our logistics team moves FTL and LTL freight all over North America on vans, reefers, flatbeds and other specialty equipment. We specialize in creating flexible, competitively priced solutions specifically tailored to your merchandise, policies, timelines, and budget.

Warehousing & Distributions

MKT offers warehousing and distribution services compliment our transportation capabilities by moving your goods through the supply chain as efficiently as possible. We also offer a full range of warehousing & distribution services for all your inventory management and fulfillment needs. We offer customizable solutions to streamline your operations, reduce overhead and improve inventory control.

Expedite Fright

Need Fast Service, Sensitive cargo, Rush deliveries, Heightened safety requirements, Remote destinations, exclusive-use trucks and specialized equipment are ready to deliver your shipment with quick notice, 24 hours a day, 365 days. Ready to deliver.

Our Vision

We operate around six guiding principles aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and driving workplace productivity.


Safety is at the core of everything we do. From safe trucks to safe drivers, we allocate the time and resources needed to minimize risks and ensure that deliveries arrive safely on time. Being proactive is a measure in how we are working to make roadways safer.


We believe that the greater our performance, the greater our success will be. That is why we aim for excellence in every aspect of our business. Our determination to be the best translates into a motivated staff devoted to providing our clients with an unsurpassed level of service.


We never lose sight of our mission to provide customers with the best logistics service possible. Part of that commitment involves making sure that everything we do has a useful purpose. We are always looking for ways to streamline our practices and eliminate waste.


Maintaining our financial integrity is the best way to ensure our long-term existence. We adopted a sustainable growth approach that keeps our debts in check while allowing the company to expand organically and responsibly.


We believe in the principles of being honest and transparent. We never bury hidden costs in the fine print and always honor our side of a bargain. Without honesty, we would never have gained our customers’ trust. Simply put, without honesty, we would not be where we are today.


We would be nothing without the dedication of our hard working employees. That is why we equip our drivers with top-of-the-line trucks and provide our office staff with the training and support they need to grow alongside the company.


Our existence lies in our Safe and Secure Operations. We believe that no achievement is possible without Safety in consideration. That is why; our Safety Department makes the whole fleet undergo re-training and re-evaluation courses once during summer and the other prior to winters.

Safe drivers are the backbone to the existence of MK Transport Co. Our hiring process includes a thorough road test and re-training. We find that even seasoned drivers may develop bad habits over the time. We therefore rectify this through our certified and experienced trainers. It follows drug and alcohol test, criminal check, reference checks from previous employers and a complete Orientation of one day before inducting any driver in the fleet.

Our training parameters include and not limited to a thorough Vehicle Inspection, Safe Following Distance, Speed Management, Defensive Driving Techniques and Load Security. Drivers are trained on Transportation of Dangerous Goods/Hazmat, Company Policies, Downhill driving and Load Distribution. We lay stress on the current violations and make the new drivers aware of those so that the mistakes are not repeated.

The drivers are required to submit a post inspection report for the workshop and get the defects rectified prior to proceeding on the trip. Any en-route breakdown is immediately attended to. All defects are reported in writing and their rectifications are properly accounted for. Any defect on the roadside is investigated for immediate and long term corrective actions.

Safety, Compliance and Loss Prevention Department actively monitors drivers’ hours of service. The drivers and owner operators are required to submit their logs at the end of each trip. No driver is assigned the trip if he or she does not have enough hours to legally complete the trip. This continuous and aggressive methodology goes a long way to maintain compliance of rules and regulations on the road.

Our drivers and owner operators understand the importance of maintaining their records clean. Towards this end, we have incentives in place in the form of bonuses, monetary raise, annual safety awards and recognition of good work through awards and certifications.

We cannot afford to lose the confidence of our Stake Holders, Customers and Public. Our Safety, Compliance and Loss Prevention Department play a pivotal role in maintaining this trust. It is for this reason that the President of MK Transport Co. trusts this department and always supports the decisions made in the interest of Safety.

Have question please contact at info@mktransportco.com


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