Onkar Sahi

Visionary, Founder Director and CEO

At MK Transport Co., we've spent the last 16 years doing what we love delivering more than just goods; we've delivered trust, reliability, and excellence on every mile of the journey. From our humble beginnings in 2007, we've grown and evolved, but our core commitment to you, our valued clients, remains unwavering.

Every journey begins with a vision. Our vision was to redefine transportation, to go the extra mile when others stopped short. Today, MK Transport Co. stands as a testament to that vision – where reliability meets innovation, and trust is our fuel. We're not just transporting goods, we're delivering promises.

- Onkar Sahi

Meet Our Ground Stars

Jograj Singh


Meet Yuvi, our ambitious and technically adept team member. Armed with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, He is a driving force behind the seamless operations of MK Transport Co. His strong work ethics and organizational skills have played a pivotal role in steering our company towards success. Holding additional qualifications in International Business Management and Logistics from Canada, He is always on the lookout for innovative solutions.

Karan Randhawa


Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Canada, Karan is a business graduate with a passion for adventure. Joining our team with a global perspective, He is not only excels in the boardroom but also on the volleyball court. With dreams of exploring every corner of the world, His enthusiasm and international mindset contribute to the dynamic spirit of MK Transport Co.

Harpreet Singh Nayyar

Head - Business Development

An efficient Team Player, as well as effective Team Leader, who works for more than two decades, in the divergent businesses like medical, academics, IT and now, into Transportation & Logistics. Firmly believes that “Attitude is more important than ability”.

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